When it comes to testing and providing a demo of Microsoft Intune and Android management, it can be difficult with a handheld device. Here’s how I do it for efficient testing and remote demos from my windows workstation and an Android Emulator.

Android Studio

Downloading and Installing Android Studio

  1. Check System Requirements Ensure that your computer meets the minimum system requirements to run Android Studio.
  2. Download Android Studio Visit the official Android Studio website at https://developer.android.com/studio and click on the Download button.

NOTE: The version may be different at the time of reading this, but the process should still be the same.

  1. Execute the Installer once the download is complete.
  1. Click Next on the Welcome screen.
  1. Tick Android Virtual Device, and click Next.
  1. Select your install path and click Next.
  1. Select Install to begin the installation.

This can take a few minutes depending on the speed of your computer.

  1. Click Next on the completion wizard.
  1. Click Finish to complete the installation and start Android Studio for the first time.

Setting up a Pixel 3 Virtual Machine (AVD)

  1. Launch Android Studio After the installation is complete.
  2. Select Tools > Device Manager
  1. Select Create device in the right panel
  1. In the Select Hardware screen, we want to select a phone that has the Play Store available and click Next. This will allow us to download the company portal and register the phone.
  1. Select x86 Images and download the image you want to use. In my case, I want to use the latest stable release that has Google Play.

You won’t be able to continue until an SDK has been downloaded. This can take some time to download as the SDK is a large download size.

  1. Once you have downloaded the SDK, select the required image and click Next.
  1. Provide an AVD Name for your android device, select Porait, and click Finish.
  1. Launch the AVD instance to begin using your Android Virtual Machine by pressing the Play Button.

Congratulations! You have successfully downloaded and installed Android Studio and set up a Pixel 3 virtual machine. You can now register with a google account, download company portal and begin your Android app development and testing within the emulator for Microsoft Intune.