Today a customer encountered the common MECM/SCCM error code 0x80246002 while trying to download third-party updates. This error occasionally occurs if you delete update(s) from WSUS after that update(s) was already downloaded into a deployment package in SCCM then you attempt to republish it and deploy it again in SCCM.

MECM/SCCM 0x80246002 – PowerShell Script

The following PowerShell script specifically targets single updates affected by the error. The script performs two key actions:

  • It expires the problematic update
  • Ensures the update gets republished during the next Software Update Point (SUP) synchronization.

The bellow image is an example of the error occurring:

Here is a script that you can manually clean-up problematic updates, by expiring the update, and then perform a sync to re-publish the updates which will fix the error.

On your MECM Primary Server, run PowerShell ISE as administrator:

Don’t forget to update the following variables:

$SiteCode – Enter your SCCM site code here.

$ProviderMachineName – Enter your MECM Site Server here.

$HPVersion – Enter the third-party update full title here. (In this case I am doing HP drivers).

$wsusServer – Enter your WSUS server here.

Sample Execution Example

Below, you can see that the update is active and take note of the date released or revised.

Once execution has been completed, it will confirm the update has been found and deleted, in this example I am using the ‘Wacom AES Digitizer Driver [7.7.1-16.A1]’ driver update:

Utilize wsyncmgr.log to confirm completed and you should see the update expired, take note of the Date Released or Revised bellow:

Perform another MECM Software Update Sync, and the expired update will be automatically removed (if enabled) after 7 days. You will then observe the same update being re-published. Once the endpoint with error 0x80246002 completes a Machine Policy Cycle and their SUP cycles, they will no longer encounter these errors.

In the case that some devices aren’t removing the update Hash, it is required to perform a Client Push with Uninstall (uninstall is required)